Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun with Erotic Words

This post was triggered by a request on facebook for erotic words to fill in a homemade crossword puzzle and clues to go with it. So me, being so helpful and kind, tried to help. And my attempt to "help" morphed into this ridiculousness...

Romance - what gradually fades the longer you're married

Necking - what teenagers do in parked cars

Pregnancy test - what you buy after doing #1 across (necking)

A ring - what you demand after #3 down (pregnancy test)

Dry humping - sometimes better than intercourse

Vibrator - your best friend during NFL season

Electric toothbrush - can be used in a pinch when #5 down (vibrator) is broken

Shame - what you feel when husband catches you with #4 across (electric toothbrush)

Hairdryer - what you throw when husband accuses you of depriving him

Jail time - what the judge orders for assault with #2 across (hairdryer)

Fantasy - everything your life isn't

Lights off - how you do it after age 30

Blindfold - what you wear to stay in #7 down (fantasy)

Strap-on - what you'd like to tell your husband to wear when he whines about doing the dishes

Right hand - the only thing men need to have a good time

Menage - inviting your husband to play with your vibrator.

Alcohol - turns your average man into a porn star

Porn star - makes you need alcohol to screw your husband

Husband - never as good as your vibrator

So...wanna join in the craziness? Whatcha got? An erotic word then a clue to go with it.


  1. LOL. Great! Wish I had something to add, but I can't think of any good ones right now...will get back to you if I do, though. :)


  2. I wish I had your imagination. Still laughing.

  3. Lol! Love them! I am not very creative, but I thought of 1. How about this??
    Quickie ~ the only sex you have after children.

  4. These are so funny!! I showed my husband and he nearly fell off the chair! Here is my contribution...

    turn on - The first instruction to using your vibrator.