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Angels vs Demons Blog Hop and Giveaway!!!

Welcome to the Angels vs Demons Blog Hop and Giveaway!!!

I'm so excited to announce the release of my paranormal romance, DESTINY BEWITCHED, that features a DEMON hero!!! A sexy one too ;) - available at amazon, B&N, ARe, and smashwords for ONLY $2.99!!!

And for a special and fun treat, I have two character snippets from my demon story AND two character snippets from fellow paranormal romance author, Carrie Ann Ryan's new angel story, Dust of My Wings, coming out July 27th!

The prize for this hop is a $10 gift card to Amazon or B&N and it's open internationally! Plus a GRAND prize for the whole hop (details at the bottom)!

So here we have it. Angels vs demons! Game on ;)

Shade from Dust of My Wings:

1) Lily. That had to be her. He didn’t know why he knew, but he was sure of it. His groin tightened. She was human. Not a lick of anything else came from her. Yet why did he want her so from just a look? He’d never looked at a human this way before. Why now? Was it because she might be the one who held his dust?

2) “I came to tell you a bit more about this Lily of yours,” Ambrose answered.

“She’s not my Lily,” Shade said, then he realized he’d said it a little too rushed.

Ambrose merely lifted a brow. “Touchy. I see you’ve met her then.”

Geo from Destiny Bewitched:

1) “Did you put a spell on me, little witch?” he rasped in her ear. “Am I yours?”

She could barely find her voice. “Something tells me you’re not the type to belong to anybody.”

He leaned his forehead against hers. “I’m beginning to doubt that.”

2) He watched the barbaric crowd demand more flesh. Greedy faces all around them – merciless and cruel. They’d just love an encore of the long, painful death that preceded them.

“Give me strength, oh gods, that I might release your fury on these wicked souls,” he whispered then looked down at the small woman beside him.

With her eyes squeezed shut, she added, “And may the force be with us. Amen.”

If, after thousands of years as a warrior in the god realm, he was done in by not much more than the boogie man, he was going to be pissed.

Blurb: Deemed “trailer trash” by humans and the daughter of the most disgraceful family of witches and warlocks since the Puritan age, Samantha is used to fighting her own battles. When her younger sister is taken to the Underworld, Sam doesn't hesitate to rescue her. To survive the harsh land, she makes a deal with a demon — the most dangerous of creatures in the realm. Even with those lustrous horns, Geo is as hot as the hell she's stuck in. Fighting nasty beasts in a supernatural version of the gladiator games is easy compared to falling in love with a man who has no future to offer.

So to enter this cool giveaway, just fill out the rafflecopter below then check back July 2nd to find out if you're the winner! But if you REALLY want to win a cool prize... leave a comment with your vote. Angels or demons? You'll be entered to win a Kindle Touch and a $60 amazon/B&N gift card. And remember to visit all the stops on this blog tour, win some cool prizes, and read more about readers favorite angel and demon books! The more hops you comment on, the more often you're entered to win the grand prize!

(Make sure you leave your email address in your comment to be entered for the grand prize)

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True Blood Season 5, Episode 3 Recap

So last week we left off with borderline psychopath, The Guardian (aka Law & Order Guy) about to stake Bill for being a “fuck up,” when Bill and Eric mention Russell Edgington is alive and only they can hunt him down. Yes, that’s right. Fuck up one and fuck up two have the skills to hunt down fuck up three and actually kill him this time instead of burying him in concrete. Make some popcorn and watch the disaster unfold.
The Guardian, in all his borderline psychotic flair, agrees to let them go to kill Russell Edgington. Because, of course, even The Guardian knows that killing off Bill and Eric will ignite riots nationwide. Horny middle-aged women will flood the studio, demanding the producer’s head on a pike.

The Guardian is all about mainstreaming and now that Nan is dead, he needs a replacement PR guy. And who does he call? Why perky Reverend Steve of course! He comes in all “humans will do anything to feel safe, I know what I’m doing, blah blah blah” and The Guardian wipes the floor with him – and that stupid grin off his face too. But, with his hand around Reverend Steve’s reverend throat, he says he’ll give him a chance.

Last week Tara said “fuck off” to Lafayette and Sookie then got sprayed with Sookie’s silver sprinkler system and ran off screeching into the night. Now we watch her heal while staring up at the super sparkly stars cause apparently, in this world, vampires don’t sparkle, but everything they see does. I liked creepy perched-on-the-sink vampire Tara but the charm is wearing off. I want snarky, no-holds-barred tell-of-Walmart-customers Tara back. Brooding Tara is boring. Anyway, after attacking an innocent passerby in a bout of hunger, she fights back her baser urges and runs to Sam’s house. After drinking her weight in blood she smashes a bottle by accident – yes Tara, super strength, remember? –  then passes out. Apparently broken glass bottles are newborn vampire kryptonite. Or perhaps she drank herself to death.

Sookie goes to Pam for help to find Tara. Pam refuses – no surprise there. They have a show-down that left me itching to see a real girl fight – hair pulling, scratching, biting. Throw in some mud and I bet Alcide comes running. Pam pushes Sookie. Sookie shoots light out of her hands. Sookie storms away. Pam vents her anger on the club crowd. “Get back to dry-humping and buying liquor” or something to that effect.

Finally someone takes their shirt off! Bill and Eric get a sci-fi-looking chest harness that’s a tracking device-slash-mini-assassin should they step out of bounds and need instant death. Then they each have a meeting with a woman called The Sanguine. This part was confusing. I had no idea what the hell was going on. Something about how humans were more savage than vampires (I’ll buy that!). Then there was some dialogue that seemed pointless except maybe a lame way for her to seduce Bill and Eric in two separate scenes. Then Bill and Eric met up in an elevator, each of them realizing they’d slept with her.  Can you say awkward?

Sheriff Andy’s naked ass is on facebook. Isn’t everybody’s? Or some embarrassing picture anyway. But I suppose it’s kind of a big deal since he’s the sheriff and all – though he loses more and more respect as the seasons go on. He could dress up like a woman and go on a drunken shooting spree down Main Street and still manage to keep his position as sheriff. Anyway, he confronts the witch lady – what’s her name? – and asks her out, proving, once again, they’re the least fucked up couple on the show.

Then we jump to Jason shopping in the grocery store. Jason, Jason, Jason. *sigh* He runs into an old high school teacher and gets all Mrs. Robinson with her while talking about pickles. Back at her place, he seduces her then suddenly grows a freakin’ conscience! Jason Stackhouse has a moment of shame about a sexual conquest! Is this because of Jessica? Has his penis finally detached from the frontal lobe of his brain? Are we going to see real change in his character? I hope not. Because who is Jason Stackhouse if not a really stupid but sexy-as-hell-with-his-shirt-off horn dog? Normal, that’s what. And this is Bon Temp. Normal people are chased out with pitchforks.

Terry’s going on a covert operation with his ex-military sergeant Patrick. He can’t tell Arlene about it and it makes her cry. Who cares? Bring back the creepy baby!

Sookie and Lafayette are still looking for Tara. Apparently “stay the fuck away from me” is too subtle a hint for them. I suggest pepper spray next time Tara. Turnabout’s fair play after all. Sookie goes to Merlotte’s and asks if Sam he’s seen Tara. Since he promised Tara he wouldn’t tell them that he stuck her in the walk-in – there’s a good friend for ya, sticks you in the freezer when you pass out in his arms – he has to lie to Sookie and keep his thoughts pure. With what? Her boobs! “think of her boobs, think of her boobs, not the walk-in.” Whoops. You suck at lying Sam. Or maybe Sookie’s breasts are nothing to write home about.

Tara gets rough with Lafayette when he wakes her in the walk-in and gives her fuck off speech another try, with a little more conviction this time in a rant that ends with “all I can think about is ripping out ya’ll’s throats.” Then she runs away really fast with that swishing sound the audio specialists add in later.

All this making of annoying baby vampires has Pam reminiscing about her and Eric. We go to another early 1900’s flashback. This time Bill and his royal bitch maker – remember her from two seasons ago? – feed in one of Pam’s rooms at her brothel. Eric comes in all hot and sheriff-y and tries to kill Bill. Ha ha. Kill Bill. *Smacks head* Focus! But what’s-her-name pleads for his life. Thus begins their tenuous relationship, which, at this point in the five seasons has turned into a full-on bromance. Anyway, Eric looks all dapper in his 1900’s suit and his 1900’s lingo and his 1900’s fangs. Pam thinks so too and the two of them kick-it in bed. Pam wants to be turned – doesn’t everybody? Well, except Tara who’d rather be dead I suppose (more on that later). Eric refuses and they have a philosophical discussion about life, the universe, and everything in it. For Pam the answer isn’t forty-two. It’s suicide to force her new lover to become her new maker. And thus begins their tenuous relationship. We see her crying while experiencing the memory during her vampire sleep. Is she, perhaps, feeling guilty about making Tara and abandoning her? Very introspective, Pam’s sub-conscious.

Debbie’s parents confront Alcide about Debbie. The dad’s all like “I’ll kill you if you hurt my precious baby” and he’s all like “there’s been nothing precious about your daughter since first grade, she’s a lying cheating whore who get high on vamp blood and has a major grudge against my special Tinkerbell.” Not in those words of course. Alcide has more class than me. So Alcide gets suspicious about the disappearance and confronts Sookie. And she finally tells him that she blew off his ex-bitch’s head with a shot gun a few days ago. Yeah, that went over well. Alcide gets all pissed and growly (yum) and has an emotional breakdown. It’s okay Alcide. Come here and I’ll make you feel better. There, there. *strokes chest* I’ll never betray you like Sookie did. My breasts are better too, by the way.

Jessica pulls a typical girl move and tells off a bitter clothing shop owner about screwing with Jason all while smiling and looking pretty. Then a guy walks in that smells so good it brings Jessica out of the changing room half-dressed to chase after him, because, predictably, he sees a vampire and runs. She ends up alone in a field, high on whatever smells good to vampires – vintage wine, dark chocolate, cinnabons, whatever – and even a toddler can see the word “trap” written all over it.

Hoyt continues his gradual decent into the debauchery of badass-ness. On one hand, I’m happy for him. Growing a pair: good. Copping an attitude: good. Throwing around the f-bomb: good. Sporting a mesh shirt and eyeliner: baaaad!

Jessica visits Jason to tell him about the yummy man she chased – cause, you know, if anyone can relate to chasing something delicious, it’s Jason – but he shoots her down with a forlorn puppy dog look. His dick is out of control and he needs to stop screwing women left and right. Does this mean he’s going to try men? I’m not sure. But one thing is clear, everybody is introspective this week. Anyway, Jessica promises they can just be friends and they have a very awww-worthy moment.

Next, Eric’s sexy sis, Nora, gets tortured by the fiery southern red head bitch from the counsel. It’s less about getting information from her and more about punishing her for being a bad wittle vampire and betraying the Authority for the sake of a man. I was happy to see her go from wussy girly-girl last week, back to an Eric-worthy bad-ass chick – no mesh top though, sorry boys. After three whole vials of silver infused in her blood she says “fuck off you really dirty word for female parts!” And she even managed to make it sound good with a British accent. Yeah. She’s bad ass.

So the Sanguine lady who seduced both Eric and Bill then bangs The Guardian AND gives off those lesbian vibes when talking about Nora again. The girl gets around. But Uber-slut can’t save Nora from Evil Red-head Bitch who tortures her until she breaks and confesses to being, what I think, is a rebel to the mainstreaming cause. If anybody understood that part better, please clarify. I may have been slightly distracted by the hot pictures of Alcide people were posting in my True Blood facebook group. Good one, ladies!

Back at Merlotte’s, Lafayette has a monster that wears the same mask Jesus used to wear inside him that makes him want to poison the soup. That rascally Mexican voodoo spirit! Bleach in soup make humans puke. Try arsenic instead.

At the very end of the episode, Tara breaks into a tanning salon – anyone see what’s coming? Yes, she tries the oldest trick in the book. Vampire suicide. While she’s frying the skin off her bones, Pam feels it then says in her very Pam-ly way, “you stupid bitch.” Episode ends.

So, questions for next week. Will Pam save Tara? Is Lafayette turning into a monster? Will Alcide kill Sookie and run off with me?

Stay tuned!

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Six Sentence Sunday

I have another taste of DESTINY BEWITCHED for you only this time you can actually read the rest of it!!!

That's right, Destiny Bewitched is on sale now at the links below. And today is the last day to send proceeds to charity Operation Smile. I'm sending 10% of opening weekend royalties to the organization. So buy it today and part of your money goes to charity. It's only $2.99!

Here's my 6 sentences. And links to buy the book are below. Thank you!

Struck momentarily speechless by his toned upper body and smooth olive skin, she was slower than usual in her retort. She caught Geo’s smirk and gave her head a shake. “Arrogant man. Who said you were getting lucky tonight?”

His smile widened. “I did.”

“You can’t just declare things like that.”

With brows raised at the challenge, he took a step toward her. “Take off the clothes or I’ll do it for you.”



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Lovestruck Hop WINNER!!!

Winner of the Lovestruck Giveaway Hop is...

Susan White

Thank you everybody for coming by. Hope you'll check out my newest release, DESTINY BEWITCHED, which is available now on amazon, B&N, smashwords, and ARe for only $2.99!!!

Come back next week to enter my Angels vs Demons Blog Hop and Giveaway!!!

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Happy Release Day for DESTINY BEWITCHED!!!!

I'm soooo excited Destiny Bewitched, the 4th book in my PNR series, released today!!!

Got lots of cool stuff going on. A Twitter party at 11am EST where I'm answering questions and posting fun facts about the book. There will also be one visitor who wins an e-copy of my entire back list of books.

And I'm on tour for a Release Day Blitz at the blogs below! Come visit me, read about my characters, see photos, check out the interviews at each site and leave a comment!

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Release Blitz Sites:

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Come meet my sexy demon and feisty witch! I promise you'll fall in love!

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True Blood Season 5, episode 2 Recap

Since readers seem to like my True Blood season premiere review and recap last week at Nights of Passion, I figured I'd do this week's here as well. I know a few of you don't have cable so it pains me to know you're relying entirely on my biased and ineffective post. But I'll do my best.

So we left off with Tara jumping out of the grave and flashing fang at Sookie. And that's where we begin tonight. Sookie and Tara have crossed a line in their relationship. Most of us have been through a lot with our best friend at our side. Even when we have a bad day, or a bitchy moment, real friendship will get past it. But I'm not sure it's so easy to get past trying to eat your best friend. Though in the grand scheme of things, that ain't no big deal for Sookie.

And I'm a little confused about this new Tara. Are baby vamps supposed to be like blood-thirsty gremlins when they first pop out of the grave? I couldn't tell if Tara was mad at Sookie for changing her and so she wanted to gnaw through her neck or if she was just hungry. Either way, Pam, in typical Pam fashion, is slightly amused but mostly bored by this lethal exchange. Eventually she makes a half-ass attempt to get Tara to stop trying to kill her best friend so...that's progress, right? Go Pam.

Then we go to Eric and Bill, who we last saw surrounded by a vampiric SWAT team after trying to run away to the Vampire Witness Protection program with Eric's hot sister Nora (finally figured out her name). So we watch almost five whole minutes of Bill and Eric being led through a complex security system to the Authority headquarters while cheesy suspenseful music plays in the background. We meet a stuffy British woman from the council who's giving off a lesbian vibe with the Nora chick. But other than that, we learn nothing to move the plot, there's no blood or exploding body parts, and nobody gets naked and makes out. Here's a suggestion. Trade that in for shirtless Alcide!

Which leads me to the next scene. Here we go again with the cannibalism! So Alcide has this weird, tense argument with the pack about how he's supposed to engage in the eating of the dead alpha, but he's all like "ew, I'll never be one of you cannibal freaks", and another guy is like "well then I'll never respect you," and he's all like "I don't care, I'm too cool for you," then I'm all like, "someone rip his fucking shirt off!" But nobody ever listens to me *sigh.*

Terry is having crazy flashbacks from war. Arlene knows something's up and tries to talk to his old Sergeant, who we met last week. She gets interrupted by Terry who has a private conversation with the Sergeant. Something about a psychopath on the loose and Terry knows where he is. I'm not really following this storyline much. I love Terry. He's one of my favorite guys on the show just cause I think he's the only one who's marriage material. Well, other than occasionally attempting to murder his wife in a PTSD-induced hallucination. But whatever. We all have issues. Anyway, I'm way more interested in their possessed baby, who I think might give the kid from The Omen a run for his money.

Back to Tara, Sookie, and Lafayette. Tara's having a tantrum in the house, tearing things up, growling, perching on top of kitchen sinks, giving everybody predatory looks. You know, typical vampire stuff. She hasn't said a word to either of them and I was beginning to think they did create a brain-dead vampire. Like a zombie, but with super strength and speed. Like a...a...Vambie. Or a Zompire. You choose.

So Pam has deserted her with a casual "she's your fucking problem" or some such Pam-ism and goes back to the club. Then we get a flashback from before she was turned. Even in the early 1900's she was still very...Pam. She ran a brothel. No surprise there. Anyway, she was walking in the streets by herself late at night - which someone clearly forgot to tell the lighting director because the set was covered in a pink haze - and she was attacked by a violent psychopath, as all woman walking the streets late at night are. In comes Eric at the last second, looking all dapper in a suit and hat, licking the fresh, warm blood of his hand. So adorable!

Back to present. So Bill, Eric, and Nora are in prison and being tortured by UV rays. Finally some real torture instead of the rough foreplay the werewolf pack inflicted on Sam last week. Bill plays hero and tries to get Nora and Eric off the hook but apparently the Authority doesn't have "sucker" tattooed across their collective forehead.

So I was totally digging the budding love story with Sam and Luna. Finally a woman worthy of my sweet, caring Sam! But this week she screwed it up. Basically, Grandma Werewolf Psychopath wants a relationship with Emma and Luna says no way in hell. Sam questions her decision and Luna freaks out.Next thing you know, there's a cute little puppy wolf in Emma's room. No wait. That is Emma. Now Luna has a problem on her hands. The only pack in town wants to eat her boyfriend. What's a mom to do?

Sookie and Lafayette are still waiting around for Tara to...I don't know, recite poetry, knit a sweater, show any signs of human intelligence. Dawn is approaching and they need to get her into Eric's vampire bunker. So they hatch a scheme. Lafayette creeps around the house holding a meat cleaver and calling for Tara while creepy music plays in the background. Sidenote: the soundtrack has gotten really lame this season. Anyway, he finds her hiding behind a door - maybe she forgot she was a predator with razor sharp fangs - and he cuts himself so she feeds from him while Sookie wraps a silver chain around her neck and they carry her downstairs. I don't think the silver choker will win any brownie points for Lafayette and Sookie.

Sheriff Andy and Jason have a male version of a heart-to-heart while they find Debbie's abandoned car. Jason makes an idiot comment as only Jason can do, "Why buy the cow when you can eat the apple pie for free," or some such bullshit. In case you've forgotten, Debbie is the chick we all hate cause she married Alcide. Well, that and she was a major bitch. Sookie killed her and no one knows yet, not even Alcide. Apparently he's too busy warning everyone about Russell Edgington and blowing off the pack and not taking his shirt off to keep track of his wife's whereabouts.

The next day, Sookie goes to a vampire hunting store and is serviced by a super friendly *rolls eyes* vampire hating clerk. Which brings me to my favorite line of the episode. The clerk describes a device that looks like a plug-in air-freshener but it sprays silver. "Knock, knock. Who's there? It's me, a vampire. Pffssssstsht! Ah, it burns, it burns! I'm gonna leave you alone and go eat your neighbor." I about spewed my drink. Sookie installs the silver spewer on the front porch then overhears Lafeyette about to stake Tara. She runs down to the vampire bunker and stops him with a teary speech about keeping up faith and giving her a chance. They cry together while sappy music fills the background.

Jason gets beat up by a fourteen year old after screwing his mother. That was about the end of that.

Reverend Steve. I love him. So he's all over TV like "Vampires for Jesus! Whoo-hoo!" He's going back on everything he ever said about God hating vampires. Fundamentalist bullshit doesn't work very well when you can't maintain perfection. Imagine that. So he shows up at Jessica's house while she's, um, entertaining (apparently being a sexy vampire is a hit with the college kids). He walks in like a rock star - dancing for Jesus, partying for Jesus, bribing Jessica for ownership rights to Jason for Jesus. She makes a fool out him and I have a feeling he's going to be getting revenge (for Jesus) in the near future.

Back to the Authority. They're a lovely bunch. Bill and Eric are restrained in chairs while perfectly polite interrogators use liquid silver pumped into their veins to get information from them. Apparently there's some sort of anti-establishment rebel group they think their a part of, which we know isn't true because, as Nan has said, they're both fuck-ups. So Mr. Too-Polite-British-Guy explains the Authority's belief that God was a vampire and vampires are supposed to run the world and humans were created to nourish them. And that's the most messed up version of the Bible I've ever heard. Anyway, more elitist propaganda, blah blah blah. Liquid silver. Writhing in agony. Lather, rinse, repeat. Don't you just hate when your torturer inflicts pain with a genuinely pleasant smile on his face? That just boils my blood, yes it does.

So Eric gets a few doses of torture too. Only he's told by his interrogator that they killed Nora - the true death for her treason. He looks all sad and stunned for a few seconds which leads me to wonder, have you ever seen a movie in all your long life Eric Northman? The bad guy always says the love interest is dead when she's really not! It's, like, Movie Gimmicks 101.

Tara speaks! Finally! So she's not vambie, just really pissed off. She says she'll never forgive them then runs out of the house and through the silver sprinkler. Recovering from those burns isn't going to make forgiveness any easier. Good one Sookie. Can I get in line to be your best friend?

Then we finally meet the guy from Law & Order - called the Guardian. He does this weird ceremony where he feeds a drop of his blood to the counsel while they sit on their knees and chant about Lilith and Lord, reminding me a lot of a freaky communion at Catholic mass. Nora is alive. Surprised? Me neither. Anyway, the Guardian gets all in Bill and Eric's faces like, "We are the authority, I am the authority." God complex anyone? So the counsel discusses what to do with Bill and Eric, who've done nothing wrong that I can tell.

Oh! And we meet a little baby vampire! One of the counsel members can't be older than, say, eleven. Arlene's baby has some competition for uber-creepy title.

So the Authority is pretty clear that it hates humans and everyone but themselves. Pretty typical of a fundamentalist organization. The Guardian is borderline psychotic - isn't everybody on this show? - just thought I should throw that out there. Bill finally gets smart and tells them that he and Eric can hunt down Russell Edgington in exchange for them not dying in that instant. Cause we all know the Authority is going to do whatever the hell they want, deal or no deal. But Eric and Bill use their persuasive persuading skills to convince the counsel to give them a chance. I say they should've staked them right then and there for not killing Russell when they had the chance last season. But again, nobody listens to me.

To prove my theory that the Guardian guy is psycho, he grabs Bill's head and holds a stake above him and yells, "I feel like staking something so fucking much right now!" And I feel like chicken tonight. We can't always get what we want, can we, Mr. Psycho Vampire Dude?

The very last scene shows a pile of dead - or almost dead - human bodies and a very crispy but healing Russell Edgington. He was my second favorite villain so I'm very excited for this season.

In conclusion, I still like the show. Don't like the soundtrack. Alcide needs to take his shirt off more. And Eric needs to show some of his bad-ass super vampire skills.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!

Hey, did you hear, DESTINY BEWITCHED is out in freakin' 5 days!!!

Here's my last sample before the release so savor it then BUY THE BOOK on June 22nd!

She scowled at him and straightened her clothing. “Don’t tell me how to fight.”

“Then stay behind me and I’ll do it for you.”




Gods, she was a saucy thing. 

They're so fun. I promise you'll love them!

Remember to pick up Destiny Bewitched this Friday on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, or ARe. Only $2.99!

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Lovestuck Giveaway Hop!!!

Welcome to The Paranormal G-spot!

For the Lovestruck Giveaway Hop this week I'm giving away two e-books! Destiny Unchained, the 3rd book in my paranormal series, and Trinity Bound, another paranormal romance by Carrie Ann Ryan. This giveaway is open internationally and the winner will be announced on the 23rd.

As you may or may not have heard, my 4th book in my series, Destiny Bewitched, releases in just ONE WEEK!!!! On the day this blog hop ends, Destiny Bewitched will be available on all e-readers for only $2.99!

Here's a sexy little sneak peek. ***18+ only***

His mouth skimmed along her neck, licking, kissing. Goose bumps rose over her skin. He nipped the side of her jaw and she jerked. A shiver shook her. He was so unpredictable – so dangerous. And she’d never been more turned on.

“Did you put a spell on me, little witch?” he rasped in her ear. “Am I yours?”

Mine? God I want to say yes! She could barely find her voice. “Something tells me you’re not the type to belong to anybody.”

He leaned his forehead against hers. “I’m beginning to doubt that.”

He tilted her back again and this time he pulled down the zipper on her vest. Not all the way, just enough to expose her cleavage. She’d taken her bra off when she tried it on. A few more inches and her breasts would be exposed.

She should stop him. She really should stop him.

He kissed the top of each mound and she sagged against him, her will overtaken by her libido. Then he looked into her eyes.

“I want you.” His declaration was so packed with need she almost whimpered.

What would it be like to be taken by such a strong, demanding male? Would she regret it if she said no? The hand in her pants moved lower…under her cheeks…between her legs. She gasped when he touched her there. Could he feel how wet she was? Fire raced through her veins. Then he took her mouth. And there was no gentleness about him. His lips moved recklessly against hers, pressing her backward. His hands moved from her pants and cupped the back of her head, holding her in place. Though it was only their second kiss, he tasted so familiar. He nipped at her bottom lip, demanding entrance. His tongue plunged into her mouth as he sucked hers into his.

Then she knew the meaning of possession.

Also, I announced last week that 10% of my royalties on Destiny Bewitched for the opening weekend will go to the charity Operation Smile - a non-profit that repairs cleft lip/palate in 3rd world countries. I'm doing this in honor of my son, who was born with the same condition. 

Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter to win two PNR e-books! Check out the other awesome blogs on the hop on the links below! And remember to pick up Destiny Bewitched June 22nd!!!

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Six Sentence Sunday!

Destiny Bewitched releases in less than two weeks!!! Here's a sexy sample!

Instead of taking her nipples in his mouth, he released her hair and slid his hands down her arms. He took a step back. “I like to be in charge.” It sounded like a threat.

“In the bedroom too?”

“Especially in the bedroom.”

Mmmm... Curious what they're up to next? Destiny Bewitched will be available on all e-readers June 22nd for only $2.99!!!


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Operation Smile

Six years ago my son was born.

He was a beautiful baby with silky black hair and golden skin. And, like 1 in 1,000 children in the US, he was born with cleft lip/palate.

We are very lucky to live in America where doctors and hospitals and specialists aren't hard to find. But in many countries, families don't have that luxury.

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that sends doctors, surgeons, and specialists to remote locations in the world to fix children who've been ostracized in their communities. It's a cause dear to my heart and we've donated before as a family. 

But now I'm bringing this to you. I'm sending 10% of my opening weekend sales for Destiny Bewitched to Operation Smile.

If you buy Destiny Bewitched the weekend of June 22nd, you''ll be helping to donate to this cause. So please keep that in mind and I'll have more reminders on social media when it gets closer. 

And last, but not least...

Happy Birthday to my little boy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introducing the First Member of the Leia Shaw Team!

I'm so excited to announce the newest (and, yeah, first) member of my team!

Publicist Heidi!

Already she's been hard at work helping me get ready for the release of Destiny Bewitched, June 22nd. But to get to know her, she's provided a bio below.

If you'd like to contact her for any reason, email 

Please make her feel welcome by leaving a comment below!


I have been a fan of all things paranormal since I was seven and used to sneak out of bed and watched all the old horror movies. I always identified with the 'monster' and felt bad for them. I remember crying because Dracula never, ever got to keep the woman. I discovered my love of reading at the same age.

My first series was...wait for it...Heidi by Johanna Spyri. People don't realize that there are several books in the series. I am an avid, feral reader. Before I was ten, I discovered a love of series of books, Black Beauty, Little Women, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew to name a few. (I think I am dating myself there). I also read the phone book and a complete set of the Britannica encyclopedia.

Everything changed in 1988 when I borrowed a copy of Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice at the library. I was hooked. Soon I discovered Laurell K. Hamilton and Christine Feehan in the early 1990's. Imagine my happiness over finding out that the monsters got to keep the girl!

During that time, I had married my husband in 1986 after dating him for three months. When he left the military shortly there after, I followed him to South Carolina and became and instant southern belle. In 1987 I had Dena and in 1989, Allison. I have to say I am proud that every member of my family, on any given day, has a book that they are currently reading (yes, my husband reads daily). My youngest got her first library card at  six months old. Being a young, poor family, we spent hours every Saturday at the library. It was some of the best times of my life. My kids are exceptionally smart and I may have the only child EVER that the principal told that they could not read instead of play at lunch and recess time. She told me that in 27 years of being a teacher/principal that she had never had to do. She was in the 4th grade.

In 2005, I stumbled on erotic literature. Another door opened, that let me explore a whole new aspect of life. Kids were grown, husband and I were still young at 40 and 38. During all of this, I had gone to college at the age of 33 and majored in accounting and business. I worked in CPA offices for 10 years until a dramatic life change brought me to where I am today. I look forward to starting a whole new career as I stare down the big 50.

Thanks Heidi and welcome aboard!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cover Reveal - 31 Flavors of Kink

In one month, my contemporary BDSM erotic romance with co-author Cari Silverwood releases from Loose ID!!!

It's called 31 Flavors of Kink and it releases July 3rd in all e-book formats!

What do you think of the cover? It's beautiful, isn't it?

There are some things in life you have to try before you know how they will affect you.
After 5 years of awful sex, I was ready. Bondage and spanking had always featured in my fantasies, and one day, I convinced my husband to try them. That day was a turning point.

Ice cream comes in many flavors and that’s us too -- not vanilla, maybe not Rocky Road either. We can be a combination or make up our own and no one has the right to judge us. But there will always be one question that tears at my soul: Will my husband, Nick, ever be happy with what I crave?

***Note: this is a re-release of previous title, 31 Flavors.