Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I have another taste of DESTINY BEWITCHED for you only this time you can actually read the rest of it!!!

That's right, Destiny Bewitched is on sale now at the links below. And today is the last day to send proceeds to charity Operation Smile. I'm sending 10% of opening weekend royalties to the organization. So buy it today and part of your money goes to charity. It's only $2.99!

Here's my 6 sentences. And links to buy the book are below. Thank you!

Struck momentarily speechless by his toned upper body and smooth olive skin, she was slower than usual in her retort. She caught Geo’s smirk and gave her head a shake. “Arrogant man. Who said you were getting lucky tonight?”

His smile widened. “I did.”

“You can’t just declare things like that.”

With brows raised at the challenge, he took a step toward her. “Take off the clothes or I’ll do it for you.”



Smashwords (all e-formats and pdf)

ARe (mobi, pdf)


  1. Mmmm, love a man that knows what/who he wants. And the pic, yum!
    Great six, Leia.

    Oh, and congratz on the release of Destiny Bewitched!

  2. O..M..G! That was a HOT six and I'm so glad I have the book!

  3. Oh damn, LOVE that confidence!

  4. If she were a shape-shifter, she could now shock the crap out of him. I don't know. That's where my mind went.