Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Snippet of My Newest Project!!!

I'm so excited my writer's block seems to have cleared and I've started a new, unexpected project at my writer's retreat this weekend!!!

Book 5 of my PNR series Shadows of Destiny!!! 

For more about the retreat and my journey to writing book 5, click here.

For the fast track to the excerpt, stay where you are. Yes, I'm being lazy. I have limited time this week and I don't want to post the same, or nearly the same, thing twice. So be a friend and click the link to read the nice little story on that blog. Also, there's bonus snippet there.

So. Back to PNR. Covert Destiny is the name and it's Kieran's story!!! Do you guys remember him? The charming, dimpled fae prince from book 2? Well, the sly bastard demanded to be written so I'm going with it. This book is very different than my others but I think you'll like it. Here's a sneak peek.

Covert Destiny:

Kieran bent to pick up a stone when his pointed ears twitched. He froze, scanning his surroundings, searching for the threat his fae instincts detected. A flash of movement to the right caught his attention and he spun toward the tall fence covered in creeping vines. Silently, he moved closer. Now that he knew where to look, it was hard to miss the outline of a black figure against the fence.

“Halt!” Kieran commanded.

The figure scrambled up the fence. But Kieran was faster. He grabbed the agile intruder by the ankle and pulled until he fell to the ground with an umph.

Kieran grasped onto the black hooded shirt and hoisted him to stand, holding him still when he struggled. His size was not much bigger than a child. A rebellious teenager perhaps? The hood covered most of his face and Kieran yanked it back.

The intruder grunted. He spun the figure to face him then gasped. The mysterious figure wasn’t a he at all. He was a she.

Pale hair pulled back in a pony tail framed her creamy skin. Her pointy ears stuck out around wisps of hair and small fangs flashed in the moon light as she bit down on her plump bottom lip. But her eyes...gods, almighty, her eyes were like storm clouds on a rainy afternoon – a complex blend of grays and blues.

She’d stopped struggling once he’d removed the hood. Now she looked up at him, uncertainly, with those mesmerizing eyes. Familiar eyes. They’d played this game before – he and this sly fox who watched him from dark corners. A benevolent presence, he could tell on instinct, but he didn’t understand why. What did the girl want? He’d never quite managed to get this close, and now that he had her, he wasn’t letting her go without answers.

He kept hold of her shirt and demanded, “What are you doing here?”

She cleared her throat. “Um…going for a walk?”

If her eyes were a storm, her voice was opposite. It was the sun on a perfect summer day. Though he found himself unexplainably intrigued by her, he didn’t tolerate lying. He was the prince. Even mysterious women who slunk about and climbed fences were to respect him.

He narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

“No one.”

He gave her a firm shake. “Who are you?” His tone oozed authority. Men cowered when he demanded answers.

But not this wisp of a thing. No, she grinned – wide and mischievous like a Cheshire cat. With an eerie whisper, she answered, “A shadow.”

Then she stomped on his foot and, when he let go of her shirt in surprise, she disappeared.

Interested? I hope so cause it's coming up next. Winter of this year! I'm pounding away at it with your encouragement. So expect some snippets from this book in the next few months.

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  1. I love this series and can't wait for it! :)
    Great excerpt, Leia! :)