Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barely Surviving

Sorry I've been MIA. I haven't posted in a whole week.

Hubby is away on business in China :(  Me and the kids have been sick with just about every flu symptom you could have. Of course, this is directly after getting the flu shot.

Writing has been put on hold. Marketing has been put on hold. Basically everything but surviving has taken a back seat for a while.

The kids are still alive so that's a plus. They're well fed and mostly have clean clothes. That's about all I can handle with hubby is away. I don't think I'd survive if I had to be a single parent. I told my husband that I hope he didn't mind but if he died, I'd be on eharmony right away. No, really.

Anyway, trying to pump out book 3 for a December release but I can't say if it will be early December or late. I'd like to do it before the holidays but hubby doesn't get back for another week and I've been in a writing slump anyway. *Sigh*  Anyone wanna finish it for me?

I'll try to blog more often. I'll do 6 Sentence Sunday this week and put up something yummy. I promise.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you're all sick and that the hubby's gone. :( Hope you're all feeling a little better though.

  2. Sorry to hear you and the kids are sick. Hope you feel better soon.