Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 FLAVORS Gets its Own Website!

Let me tell you why I must brag about the website my co-author, Cari Silverwood, and I created for our new BDSM romance, 31 Flavors.

My husband is a whiz at Photoshop. I'm very jealous and I can't stand having to rely on him to make graphics for me. For our covers (and those we've done for others), I'm usually the director - giving advice on colors, fonts, photos, etc. But has the knowledge to actually make the magic happen.

I have (or should say had) some basic photoshop skills going into designing the 31 Flavors header for the site. But not enough to do what I wanted and I was tired of bugging my husband to do it.

So...I got my ass online and decided to teach myself. Now, anyone who knows me knows I lack perseverance when it comes to frustrating, tedious tasks involving technology. But I was determined. So I went on YouTube and searched for tutorials on how to do the various effects I wanted to learn.

And that's where I met the little computer genius who taught me everything I now know. I don't know his name. But by his voice, I can tell you he's between the ages of six and ten. And he helped me create this...

So, check out my site. Let me know what you think. Write questions on the FAQ's page if you have them - though be careful cause there may be spoilers.

And thank you genius kid on YouTube. I owe you big time!

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