Monday, January 23, 2012

Manly Monday - Battle of the Davids

Got two recommends for Manly Monday - which I haven't done in a while. Sorry. But it's one of those days I need to stare at pretty people. And no that does not mean I need you to email me pics of yourself. Unless you look like the men below. If so, my email address is on my site. Also leave your phone number ;)

So I have two contrasting contenders today.

Athletic, sexy David Beckham

And the suave, sexy David Gandy

Oh, he's beckoning me. Coming right over, sir. Excuse me if I happen to fall on your lap and slip out of my clothes accidentally.

So what's your vote? David B or David G?


  1. Tough decision because both are gorgeous, but I have to go with tall, dark, sexy, he's mine, and handsome David Gandy.

  2. Mine is David Beckham- I just LOVE his body...