Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Things to do with your Kids on Vacation

Our family vacation is coming up in a few days. And to prepare ourselves – and maybe some of you – I’ve compiled a list of things to do with your kids on vacation…to make it more fun for you.

So. Things to do on vacation with your kids…

1. Leave them at home. Chances are you will have a gajillion times more fun without them whining about the long car ride, fighting over every activity, and complaining for food three times a day.

2. Play the Lost and Found game. This family oriented game is sure to be hours of fun. Just tell your kids they have until sundown to find the lost child desk at whichever local attraction you go to. Then spend all day avoiding them.

3. Load up their plates with jello from the buffet and go relax by the pool. Be prepared to ignore rumors of a food fight. Ear plugs help.

4. Put them in a small raft or inner tube then pay a boater to tug them out to sea. Relax on the beach until the tide brings them back in hours later.

5. Two words. Revolving door.

6. Drive them out into the wilderness and tell them they’re on Survivor. Pick them up at dark. Unless they’re fighting, then the game becomes Lord of the Flies and you pick them up when vacation is over.

7. Plop them in the pool with swimmies and sunscreen. Pick them up at dusk when the life guards leave. Be prepared for them to be pruny for a few days.

8. Find a slippery floor and set them loose with socks on. This will last hours.

9. Dress them as super heroes and have them help the elderly find empty slot machines.

and finally…

10. Eleven is not too young to practice driving on a long stretch road on a cross-country road trip.

Any other ideas are welcome as we leave on Thursday. Leave them in the comments below!


  1. Very funny! I'll never forget those cross country trips with the girls in the back seat screaming, "STOP TOUCHING ME!" And then, "MOMMY, SHE WON'T STOP TOUCHING ME!" Or the ever popular, "SHE STARTED IT!" lol Damn, I'm glad those days are over.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  2. BLALALALA! Hope you have a great trip!

  3. Loved the first one. I'm currently on my family vacation now. If they are a teenager just give them a cell phone and a laptop with an internet connection and you'll only see them when they are hungry or want to go somewhere. Also bringing a friend for the teenager is helpful. Give them a couple bucks each day for the bus and you only have to see them after curfew. For the younger ones, a wii with their favorite games works to keep them out of your hair. Laptops and iphones with game apps work for them as well. :)
    Have fun on your vacation!