Friday, September 2, 2011

Indie Blowout Labor Sale!!!!

So this is pretty much all I'm going to be talking all weekend. Is it because I'm as obnoxious as a car salesman. No! It's because there are fabulous deals you just can't walk away from!

Okay, maybe I'm a little obnoxious.

Anyway, every book in the sale is $0.99. They're e-books so if you don't have an e-reader yet...get one!

Or, enter on the site to win one. Most of the book links on the site go to amazon but you can also get each book (most likely) at any e-reader site or on smashwords (which you can read pdf or html). Basically there's a version for everyone.

Anyway, that's all the sales pitching I'll be doing. If you're considering buying either of my books, you can check out my website and read the first chapter of each as well as reviews. The link is on the right hand column.

Have a great Labor Day everyone!!!!


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