Friday, September 30, 2011

My FREE Novella is offically released!

Okay, so, I wrote a short novella featuring a side character from my third book. It's all werewolf, baby, and lots of fun.

So, want it for free? Of course you do. Who doesn't like free stuff?

Just follow the link below and follow the instructions.

It's not hard. I swear. It only costs you a tweet or a facebook share. If you have neither, you can join my mailing list and still get the book. Cause I'm cool like that. The book will open in your browser as a pdf so anyone can read it.

So, tweet me and enjoy the free novella! Click here.


  1. Okay, woman. I am diving into your novella now.

  2. BTW, I need to get the stats on your novella - publisher, number of words, release date, etc. to I can add it on Goodreads.