Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday and New Cover!!!

I have a treat for you. Not only six awesome sentences from Destiny Unchained (book 3, out in December), but also its cover!

I'm not going to blabber on and on about it, only acknowledge my very talented hubby who worked hours on the cover for me. Thank you, honey!

And here are your six sentences (as you can tell, I use the figure 6 loosely):

Cristian rolled his eyes and looked down at both legs surrounded by at least two feet of snow. “I gotta lay off the Chinese food.” He reached his hands toward her. “Help me out.”

Her lips twitched. “What’s the matter? Big, bad alpha stuck in a little snow?” She grasped his hands and started to pull, but when he narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip, she realized her mistake. “Don’t you – ”

Her warning was cut off when, with a few swift movements, she was the one in the snow and Cristian stood grinning down at her.

“What’s the matter?” he taunted. “Big, bad assassin stuck in a little snow?”


  1. I love the cover and the six! The taunting between them is great!

  2. Love the six Leia. That is so them! And you already know I love the cover but it bares repeating! :-)

  3. First, love the six sentences. Second, THE COVER ROCKS!!!!

  4. Wow, Leia, your hubby is amazing! Love the cover! Love your six too :)

  5. Great six, Leia! Love the action. And the cover is outstanding. I kind of wanted to see her too, but what you ended up with is awesome!

  6. Playful six! Love it and the cover! :)

  7. Great six. Sexy cover.

  8. Love the play between these two! A nice cover, too! :)

  9. I cannot wait to read this book! The anticipation is killing me.

    Happy Writing,
    Bona Fide Reflections