Monday, December 12, 2011


Happy release day to Destiny Unchained!

So, my friends, my original plan was to have the release party for my 3rd book here on my blog. But because of unforeseen health issues regarding my son, the lovely Laurielu from Bondafide Reflections has offered to host my party instead.

So check out her blog at the link below. Lots of cool stuff going on.

- Today (Monday) guest post by Natalia, plus enter to win a $20 amazon gift card
- Wednesday, her review of Destiny Unchained will be there
- Friday, we'll draw the winner of the gift card

More awesome news...

DESTINY UNCHAINED is in the 12 Days of Christmas Indie Book Collective Sale and from now until Christmas it's only 99 cents!!! 

As is my first book, DESTINY DIVIDED. Both are only $0.99 now until Christmas so it's the perfect time to relax with a fun, easy read right smack in the middle of the holiday rush.

So...spend a few minutes at the awesome and amazing Bonafide Reflections.

Also, the Indie Book Collective 12 Days of Christmas site is the source for books in all genres, just 99 cents through Christmas. Check it out here.

***If you'd like to skip right to the Amazon book page - click on any of the covers on the right hand column.

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