Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet the Shadows of Destiny Characters!

Inspiration for my character's appearance


Age: 25
Species: half-sorceress, half-witch
Aka: Eirian Nathura, Flying Fists
Motto: That's the thing about life - just when you think it can't possibly get any worse, it goes and kicks you in the teeth then shits on your head.

Age: on the record, 32
Species: sorcerer
Motto: If you're too busy looking behind you, you'll never see what's ahead.

Age: 21
Species: fae
Aka: Erin Bolton, Aila the Foretold
Motto: Aila, the Meek? Aila, the Doormat? Not anymore. Try Aila, the Ass-kicking Faery!

Age: 800+
Species: vampire
Aka: "that terrifying guy in the ass-hugging leather"
Motto: Trust is a risk. If you're waiting for someone who'll never cause you any pain, you’ll be waiting forever. Love hurts. Only you can decide if it’s worth the pain.

Age: 26
Species: werewolf
Motto: Love is like a stallion. You can try to tame it but you’ll miss out on its most beautiful form. When it’s wild and free, with no restricting fences, it can go on forever.

Age: 400+
Species: werewolf
Aka: Beta
Motto: Might makes right.

Age: 800+
Species: vampire
Aka: The Huntress
Motto: Reality is a cold-hearted bitch. And people who believe in idealistic delusions deserve to be shot for screwing with the rest of the world.

Age: 400+
Species: werewolf
Aka: Alpha
Motto: Swift to deliver justice, quick to forgive.

Age: 23
Species: witch
Aka: "fuck-up trailer trash"
Motto: I'm a merc. If you want a lesson on morality, you've come to the wrong place.

Age: thousands of years old
Species: temporary demon
Aka: The Bastard of War
Motto: Getting angry over something I can't change is pointless. And I'm not one to do something for nothing.

Coming soon - Kieran, Maddox, Gethin, and more


  1. All I can say is "WOW!" Very nicely done...

  2. Yes. Excellent summing up of your characters. I can see them all as individuals.

  3. Yep. That's them. :) Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Fantastic choices!! I completely agree on all of them.

  5. I am a little late to the game...But Now that I have read a few books. I get it! These are awesome!! I can't decide who I like best...Sorin or Marcelo.