Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm having the worst. writers block. ever.

So bad that I've composed a writers suicide note - no, not killing myself, just my inner muse who's doing a sucky ass job - that I'm posting for my contribution day at Nights of Passion on Tuesday. 

In honor of my god-awful writers block, you get a depressing six sentences from my work-in-not-progress. *sigh*

They say the screams could be heard a mile away from the ominous fortress. His mind was strong. It took longer than anticipated to break it. But Marwolaeth Du was known for far worse than breaking the will of strong men.

After many long months, the man who woke children in the night with his terrified pleas, came out of Marwolaeth Du a changed man. A man with a soul as stained as the fresh ink on his skin.


  1. A very dark six! I hope your muse finds some inspiration soon. All the best!

  2. I love this! It's visceral and vivid and so intense. Fingers crossed that you kick writer's block a$$ very soon!

  3. Leia, I can't help you with your writer's block but I can tell you that your six sentences were great and really pulled the reader in. Thanks for sharing and I hope you find the mental energy to get back to your WIP (been there, believe me.)

  4. Oh my! Very depressing yet intriguing six.
    Hope your muse gets her @$$ in gear soon but these, while horridly depressing, were great!

  5. Hmmmmm....I want to know more. Good six. Keep pushing, you'll come out of your slump :-)