Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

This is a little teaser from Destiny Bewitched (out in a month!!!!). Only a few pages into the book, Geo and Samantha get to know each other.

“Where’s my sword?” she asked.

“Hidden, but secure.”

Forcing her voice to be strong though she trembled inside, she demanded, “Give it to me.”

The demon gave her a curious look – as if he was surprised by her courage. Job well done if she’d fooled him.

“So you can stick me with it like you did the werewolves? No thank you.”

She huffed though he had a point. “Why did you save me from them?”

“I just so happen to need a witch.”

Her gaze rested on the cauldron over the fire. “Am I the last ingredient for your demon stew?” Though her tone was sarcastic, her stomach churned at the thought.

He merely looked her over and answered, in a casual tone, “You would make terrible stew meat.”

JUNE 22nd! Get it ingrained in your mind! Destiny Bewitched will be available for purchase on all e-readers!

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  1. Awesome teaser and June 22nd is ingrained in my brain!