Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!

Have you heard about my MEMORIAL DAY SALE???
All of my books only 99 cents till tomorrow only!
So here's a little snippet from Destiny Unchained - available now for all e-readers and priced at $0.99 on amazon and smashwords.
 Cristian, werewolf pack alpha, and Natalia, vampire assassin, have an interesting start to their relationship. Poison arrow, snapped neck, tied to know, the usual ;)
He shook his head slowly, disapproval written all over his face. “You’ve got a lot of nerve. Here you are, tied up with my rope, in my territory, and you’re mouthing off?”
“Nerve, I have an abundance of. What I don’t have is my weapons.”
“Nor will you get them. Did you forget you tried to kill me?”
“You started it.”


  1. Loved this! She has spunk! Tweeted and FB'd


  2. Love their banter! They are so made for each other! Great six!

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for the book sale. I just got all 3 of this series. ;)

  4. Great six! I enjoyed the witty exchange.