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Halloween Event Guest Author Charlotte Abel!

Everyone welcome another Halloween guest author!!!

Charlotte Abel

She's here to talk about the first book in her brand new Sanctuary Series, River's Recruit. And she's brought with her, River and Johnathan, two characters from this new book! Check out what they have to say about Halloween!

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how? If not, would you like to?

River: No. My people are too busy trying to survive to waste time on such nonsense.

Jonathan: Hey! Don't diss Halloween until you've tasted candy. It's one of my favorite holidays. When Franklin and I were kids we did the whole costume, trick-or-treat thing. Of course, Halloween in Leadville, Colorado is freaking cold so we all had to wear coats and hats over our costumes, which sort of ruins the effect. Ghosts, mummies, and zombies aren't very scary when they're bundled up in hats, coats and mittens. Once we were old enoughh to ditch our parents, we spent more time tee-peeing houses, Saran-wrapping cars, and other non-destructive acts of pseudo-vandalism. Later on, I started going to parties on Halloween. Franklin stayed home and passed out candy with Mom and Dad.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory? If you don’t have one, how about a story about any supernatural encounters?

Jonathan: When Franklin and I were in middle school, we switched identities and went to each other's classes as a Halloween prank. We didn't fool any of our friends, but we pulled it off with some of our teachers.

River: I don't have any "Halloween" memories. Does shifting into a white wolf count as a supernatural encounter?

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? If you’ve never had any, drive to 7-11 and buy some then answer.

Jonathan: Midnight Milky-Way candy bars. In fact, that's one of the things I missed the most after River kidnapped me ... I mean recruited ... me.

River: I did NOT kidnap Jonathan! He came willingly. What's 7-11?

Jonathan: It was either go with River or freeze to death in that damn blizzard. I didn't have much of a choice.

What’s your ideal Halloween costume? Like, if you could be anything for Halloween, what would you be?

River: I don't understand the question.

Jonathan: I'd give anything if Franklin and I could exchange identifies again. I miss him so much.

Now onto the non Halloween related ones…

Who is your best friend (pets count)?

River: Jonathan

Jonathan: River

Besides each other?

River: Gabriel. He's quite a bit younger than me, but you won't find a more loyal friend.

Jonathan: Before Franklin died, he was my best friend. No one knows you better than an identical twin. Now, I'd have to say Gabriel. River's right about the kid's loyalty. He's also brave, generous and humble.

Who do you love most?

River: I'd rather not say.

Jonathan: It's a little early in our relationship to be dropping the L-bomb

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

River: Freedom.

Jonathan: Franklin. I want my brother back.

Sorry...that's a little heavy. How about an excerpt that might lighten the mood?

Jonathan McKnight tapped on his brother’s bedroom door then opened it and stuck his head inside. “Hey, can I borrow your sleeping bag?”

Franklin sighed, laid his book face down on his desk then turned towards Jonathan and narrowed his eyes. “Why?”

“I have a date and mine smells like stale beer.”

“That’s disgusting; and the answer is definitely no.”

Jonathan stepped into Franklin's room then shut the door behind him and leaned against it. “Come on. It’s my last chance to hook up with Naomi.”

“We deploy tomorrow. This is your last chance to spend time with Mom and Dad.”

“Mom’s not even talking to me. She still blames me for your decision to enlist.”

Franklin scooted his chair away from his desk, folded his arms across his chest and arched his eyebrows.

Jonathan’s jaw tightened. “No one put a gun to your head and said you had to join up just because I did.”

Franklin balanced on the back legs of his chair. “Someone has to keep you out of trouble until you get your head screwed on straight.”

Jonathan hated the way everyone assumed he’d enlisted on a whim. It might have seemed like an impulsive decision, but he’d given it plenty of thought. Franklin was the one that had taken a major detour from his life’s plan. Jonathan hadn’t even had a plan until he started talking to the army recruiter at school. “Seriously, Frankie, why’d you enlist? You know we won’t see much of each other once we get out of basic training.”

“We can hang out when we’re not on missions.”

Jonathan ignored the obvious dig. Franklin had been planning on going on a completely different kind of mission. They both had — until two years ago when Jonathan discovered the pleasures of beer, pot and girls.

Franklin never wavered from the straight and narrow path. He was a model Mormon, a poster boy for how to live a clean, boring life.

Jonathan tried to keep the path in sight; but he enjoyed his side trips too much to give them up. He’d repent later; when he was too old to have fun. “I’ll give you fifty bucks if you let me borrow your sleeping bag.”

“I’m not going to help you commit a mortal sin. And even if that weren’t an issue, I still wouldn’t loan you my sleeping bag. That’s just gross.”

“Where’s that fabric freshener stuff Mom uses?”

Franklin stood up and crossed the room then put his hands on Jonathan’s shoulders. “Don’t do this.”

Jonathan grinned and patted Franklin’s cheek. “Don’t worry about it, Frankie. You’re righteous enough for both of us.”

“It doesn’t work that way and you know it. And what about Naomi? If you really loved her, you wouldn’t even think about taking her virtue.”

“Jeeze, Frankie! I'm not taking anything she doesn't want to give. And I never said I loved her.” A twinge of guilt pricked Jonathan’s conscience. He’d already decided to drop the L-bomb if nothing else worked. He and Naomi slid into second base on their first date and rounded third more than once since then. But she refused to go any further, claiming she wanted to save herself for marriage. After last weekend, there wasn’t much left to save. And there was no way in hell he was going into combat as a virgin.

Franklin cleared his throat. “Are you going to be careful?”

“What do you mean?” Jonathan knew exactly what Franklin was asking but couldn’t resist the temptation to tease him.

Franklin rolled his eyes. “Do you have protection?”

Jonathan smacked his forehead with an open palm. “Oh man, I knew I was forgetting something. Do you still have that sample pack they gave out in health class last year?”

A deep crimson flush spread up Franklin’s neck, across his cheeks and over the tops of his ears. “I threw it away.”

Jonathan laughed and punched Franklin’s shoulder. “I’m just messing with you. Don’t worry, I got it covered. And, yes, the pun was intentional.”

More about Charlotte...

Charlotte Abel was born and raised in Oklahoma where she met her soulmate, Pete. She chased him to Boulder, Colorado and finally convinced him they were meant to be together forever. They've raised three kids, two ferrets, three dogs and countless hamsters -- and are still happily married.
She's in love with "real" life and paranormal romance. When she's not reading or writing, Charlotte enjoys hiking, bicycling and primitive archery (although she's never shot at anything other than a target!)

Charlotte has been kind enough to giveaway an ARC of River's Recruit to one commenter! Winner will be drawn on Halloween! 

And remember, there will be one winner for a $25 amazon/b&n gift card on Halloween too so leave comments on all the Halloween even posts this month for more chances to win!!!



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