Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Event Guest Author Sorcha Black!!!

      Happy Monday! (If you just groaned reading that then I apologize. I actually wrote this post last night so technically shooting me for being perky on a Monday isn't really fair.)

But it IS a little bit happy because I have here with me today, Sorcha Black! My lovely and funny and awesome co-author of The Dom with a Safeword. And she's going to tell us all about Halloween in the family Black! Ooooh, that works out nicely, doesn't it? She even has a Halloweeny last name ;)

      1. What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

There are so many I don’t know which to choose. The first time I took each of my children out trick-or-treating was exciting – introducing them to the idea of being able to knock at a stranger’s door and beg for candy is a magical thing. The hard part to explain is that it only works one night a year.

2. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Necco Wafers! I’m pretty sure everyone else on the planet detests them, but I love them so much that I’ll buy bags and keep them just for me. The company probably runs entirely off of selling me candy once a year. You can’t get them around here except if you get lucky at Halloween.

3. What’s your ideal Halloween costume? Like, if you could be anything for Halloween, what would you be?

I’m not a big fan of dressing up, although Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday. I spend ages making costumes of anime characters that my kids want to be, even though no one at their school or handing out candy will ever know the character. My customary costume is The Mom Standing at the End of the Driveway Holding the Extra Candy Bags (and Possibly Mittens).

4. If you have kids, do you sneak candy from their bags when they’re sleeping? Be honest!

I can’t say that I do. They trick-or-treat for so long that they willingly share candy with me. We have perpetual candy bins for all of our kids for their holiday candy hoards, and they’re always overflowing. You want to see my kids get excited? Give them a fruit or vegetable to eat.

“Mommy, can I have a snack?”

“What? Is your bin empty?”

“But I wanted a healthy snack!”

“Then you should have picked a better mother.”

5. Does your book have a Halloween theme?

My latest book – co-written with Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood, has a ghost in it. I do believe that makes it vaguely Halloweeny.

6. Tell us about your book.
      It's a sweet, funny, BDSM menage romance with characters I'd love to hang out with.

Bi switch brat, Q
“Oh please! You’re not going to try to have your way with me in a dressing room, are you?” she asked with a flirty smile and naughty gleam in her eye. Sabrina knew damn well Q would love to do just that.

Heaving a sigh, Q walked in and shut the door behind her. She was making a big mistake. Chanting in her head that she could control herself, she locked the door. As Sabrina shucked off her dress, she averted her eyes. At times like this she wished Sabrina was a little shyer.

“What do you think?” she asked after a few moments.

Q looked up and swallowed hard. Sabrina was standing in front of her in a white lace bra and panty set. The wispy fabric left little to the imagination.

“I just got them yesterday. Are they cute?” She turned to show Q that the underwear were of the thong persuasion. The curve of her perfect ass beckoned.

Q balled her fists at her sides. There was no way even Sabrina was this naïve. What was she playing at? The feeling of her clit throbbing hard against the seam of her jeans made her lightheaded. “Very... uh... pretty,” she gasped.

Sabrina smiled seductively. “Pretty? Is that all you have to say?”

With every second, her control was slipping away. “Put some clothes on before I make you regret it, little girl,” she growled. Maybe spanking her ass – or biting it – would teach her to behave.

“Little girl? I’m older than you are.”

“By six months. You’re also lighter and shorter than I am. I could do all sorts of naughty things to you and you wouldn’t be able to stop me.”

“I dare you try.”


    About Sorcha:

Sorcha Black writes fantasy about women who are too busy fighting, suffering, loving, and generally getting shit done to think of themselves as heroes.

In her real life, Sorcha is married to a lazy but well-loved man and has a shoe full of children. She does her best writing on scraps of paper at red lights.

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  1. I'm super excited for this book. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  2. This sounds great! Sorcha is new to me, but I do love Cari and Leia! No doubt, this is a great book. Gotta finish Destiny Bewitched first...Almost done...dang kids keep stopping me!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. I love Halloween. I do steal my daughter's candy but I figure it is ok because I pay for the Halloween costume. lol Sorcha is a new author to me and this book looks wonderful ladies.

  4. Fun interview. Nice excerpt.


  5. When I was growing up, Halloween was exciting & thrilling. The neighborhood was filled with kids & we visited every house. These days parents are so concerned about safety that it's just not the same.

  6. I am laughing at the image of someone trying to frantically write down an idea before the light turns green :)