Sunday, October 28, 2012

SSS - Halloween Style!

The Dom with a Safeword releases in 3 days!!!

And in true Halloween spirit, I have a ghostly SSS today! Sabrina is an amateur ghost hunter and runs into a spirit late at night and gets the scare of a lifetime. But what's good about being a little afraid is cuddling with a buff, hot guy to feel better ;)
Wails of pain bounced off the walls. Stumbling back, she put her arms out behind her, searching for the wall to steady her. Finally, she found the hard surface. She pushed her back up against it, dragging air into her lungs in big mouthfuls.

The wall moved. It fell away behind her, gravity taking her with it. She tumbled backward into a small tunnel, a yelp her last noise before the wall swung shut in front of her.

Remember to pick up you copy of The Dom with a Safeword on HALLOWEEN!!!

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