Thursday, August 25, 2011

And Ryan Reynolds Takes the Win!

All right you green hottie! Ryan Reynolds is on the Column of Manliness! (Is anyone else picturing an echoing voice over when I write "Column of Manliness"? If not, you should. It makes it way cooler)

I'm working on a post next about the traits of alpha men in romance novels. My third book's hero is a little different than the last two I've created (who were very clearly alpha, especially Marcelo, but yum, right?). Cristian is actually a werewolf pack alpha, but he doesn't display the traits in the same way. One of my critique partners brought it to my attention, that he's redefining the alpha role a little bit.

So I want to get more in depth about that and get your opinion. What makes an alpha? (Don't answer yet. Wait till I post tomorrow)

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