Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Results Are In

Now I need your votes.

The nominees for the next beautilicious face on my wall (ergo, column) of manliness are:

So here's my take on the nominees.

1. Ryan Reynolds. I just can't get past him as the all-american funny guy. That's how he started his film career and even though he went from scrawny to jacked up (and from what I hear, looks good in a green leotard), I just can't see past that goofy face. Plus, I really enjoyed his performance in Wolverine when he turned into the bald, tattooed, freaky guy with no mouth. So in my mind, he's either the obnoxious, funny guy or the creepy, robot guy. NOT the manly hottie guy. Sorry Green Lantern fans, doesn't get my vote.

2. Derek, you sexy criminal investigator you. And the way he talks to Garcia...mmm...phone sex anyone? Yeah, so, I dig him. He's got that deep thinker brow and almond shaped eyes that look like they're seeing through your soul, studying all those secret places you like to hide. And does he accept all those dark fantasies you've never told anyone about? Oh yes he does! Whether you want long, sweet love making, or fierce down and dirty sex, he will give it to you with everything he's got. Doesn't he look like a pleaser? Gotta love that.

3. Okay, I'm going to be up front about my bias regarding Lost guy. Sorry if it's offensive but I only know him as Lost guy. I didn't even watch Lost. I just recognize him from the commercials. *Pause* Okay, Naveen Andrews is his name. Sexy name. And I'm putting in an official vote for Naveen. I like scruffy guys. There. I said it. Pretty boys. Eh. They don't do much for me. Give me a guy fresh off an adventure, a little sweaty, hair uncombed, face all prickly, and I'm a happy woman. Not only that but Mr. Naveen here has that "here I am, take me or leave me, I don't give a fuck" vibe going on. Alpha to the core. LOVE IT! Well, yes, in reality I want a man who wants to please me. But Naveen (inside my head anyway, correct me if I'm wrong Naveen) is the kind of guy that takes what he wants and you better just hold on for the ride. But it's so damn good you don't dare refuse. Yes, remember my rough sex post? He would be my beast. *Shiver*

4. Mohinder Suresh. Any Heroes fans? Well, he's got that smart look going on. Pretty face. Very pretty face. A wide, fantastic smile.I just wanna take some beautiful pictures of him. Maybe in a meadow, with birds flying overhead. I don't know. He just doesn't put out a danger vibe. But for those of you who like pretty boys...I think Senhil is your man!

5. Justin Hartley. Don't know him, never seen him. Apparently he's on Smallville. Honestly, I don't see the appeal. I looked him up on google and above was the best picture I could find of him and I wasn't working with much. Sorry. Just not my kind of guy I guess.

So now the vote is up to you. Who's your favorite out of the five listed above? Comment below then check if your pick made the Column of Manliness. (Just doesn't sound as good, does it?)


  1. Shamar Moore--Derek Morgan all the way!!!

  2. Ryan Reynolds definately!! That man is a hotness monster of note!

  3. Naveen Andrews - I will never forget seeing him for the first time with long hair down his back in the Indian movie Karma Surata.