Monday, August 22, 2011

Manly Monday

Okay, cheesy name, but I'm not feeling very creative at the moment. I've been using all my cleverness writing my 3rd book (lucky you), so you're stuck with Manly Monday as the title of my new weekly post.

Anyone happen to notice the pictures of my favorite men on the bottom right bar? Yes, of course you did! Are they not drool worthy? Say it with me now...yum!

But we want to make that list longer, don't we? Yes we do! So, every Monday I want you to nominate you're favorite delicious man and we'll vote which one makes it the great, column...of manliness. Hmm...that sounded much better in my head.

To get things started I hereby nominate Cesar Milan (a shout out to my friend, Devan). ***Please someone nominate someone else. Please.***


  1. Oh for the love. Cesar isn't "hot" physically. It's his genius, attitude about life, and just his simple presence that makes him awesome. Moving on...I do have several nominees I'd like to suggest: Naveen Andrews, who played Sayid Jarrah from Lost; Sendhil Ramamurthy, from Heroes, as Dr. Mohinder Suresh; Justin Hartley as my favorite Smallville hero the Green Arrow; and most importantly the man I think will wrap this entire list up Shemar Moore, aka Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds.

  2. We watched Green Lantern this weekend. I'm drooling over Ryan Reynolds. His costume left very little to the imagination. ;D

  3. I second Naveen Andrews, Shemar Moore, and Ryan Reynolds!