Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Like it Rough

If you're a romance reader (like me!) you probably like this genre because;

1) the connection between the characters

2) the happily ever after


3) the steamy love scenes!

Or maybe you have your own reasons, but those are mine.

So, my question you like it rough?

Okay, we're talking fantasy here, not personal life. We don't need to go there.

The majority of the books I read have very primal, wild sex scenes. It makes me wonder if the majority of women like this type of intimacy in their reading. Granted, I read a lot of paranormal, and the predatory, animalistic themes are very popular. And it makes sense for the characters. But I've read a good number of rough sex scenes in other sub-genres as well.

For me, rough sex doesn't equal violence, or even dominance. It's passion. The intensity of not only the shared lust, but the emotion behind it. And who doesn't want to be wanted so bad that it turns a man into a beast? Who doesn't think it's sexy that a man could be so hot for you that he rips your clothes to shreds just to get at your body? Oh, yes. A beast it is.

A beast with a tender, gentle side, when it matters. But when it's beyond mattering...

You know when it gets to that point, right? When the heroine says, to hell with it, gimme all you got. And she doesn't care if there's a pointy rock shoving into her back, or if there will be bruises on her arms from where he's holding her pinned under him, or if her lips are raw from the harshness of his stubble. She can't feel any of that anyway. And if she can, it turns her on. Cause it reminds her how bad this man wants her.

When it gets to that point, chests heaving, gazes locked, bodies tingly all over, growls echoing in the night, I say let the beast out of his cage.

Are you with me?

So what's your favorite type of sex to read?

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  1. Give me a growling beast ripping clothes to shreds any day.